XCOM 2 Mods

Thanks to the excellent, deep-reaching tools and SDK released by Firaxis Games, the modding scene for XCOM 2 was already churning out high-quality additions and changes to the base game, mere days after release.

These are the mods I have personally created for the game, and their statistics.

Custom Bandanas:
Armour Colours/Pattern

This mod adds a new ‘Custom Bandana’ lower face prop to soldier customisation in XCOM 2, which utilises the soldier’s primary and secondary armour colours, as well as the armour’s camouflage pattern.

As of 16/01/17:
– 99% Positive Steam Workshop Rating
– 55,572 Total Unique Workshop Subscribers
– 1,465 Workshop Favourites
– 23,587 Nexus Downloads

As featured on the Official Firaxis Mod Showcase livestream!

“This is pretty amazing.”
– Ryan McFall, Lead Engineer, XCOM 2

“That’s awesome.”
– Jake Solomon, Lead Designer, XCOM 2

World Expansion Project: ADVENT

The first release of the World Expansion Project, ‘WEP: Advent’ adds a number of new ADVENT map PCPs and Parcels to the XCOM 2 map generation pool, creating more variation in the levels that are generated for players to enjoy.


As of 16/01/17:
– 99% Positive Steam Workshop Rating
– 76,751 Total Unique Workshop Subscribers
– 2,431 Workshop Favourites
– 8,234 Nexus Downloads

No AP Hacking

This mod removes the Action Point cost from hacking objects in close proximity (like objectives), allowing the player’s troops to hack objectives after using all action points.

As of 16/01/17:
– 93% Positive Steam Workshop Rating
– 12,232 Total Unique Workshop Subscribers
– 422 Workshop Favourites
– 6,721 Nexus Downloads

Stun Lancer Rebalance

This simple mod rebalances XCOM 2’s Stun Lancers by:
– Reducing Lancer HP by 1/4 across all ranks and difficulties.
– Removing Lancer bonus crit chance for flank attacks.

As of 16/01/17:
– 83% Positive Steam Workshop Rating
– 4,027 Total Unique Workshop Subscribers
– 159 Workshop Favourites