Wormwood Status Report – October 2015

by Alex on  October 29, 2015 |

Happy Halloween(ish)!

I’m going to start doing a monthly status report for Wormwood, as I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot this year! Final exams early this year got me out of the habit, so it’s time to get back into it

The new Jupiter Factory Workshops

This month has been fairly slow – a lot of the team have gone back to their education in September/October after the summer break, leaving a lot less time available for work on the mod. That said, we’re always working as hard as we can to get things done as quickly as possible, so rest assured.
I’ll take the opportunity to advertise the fact that we’re always looking for more talent to join the team – particularly C++ coders, Lua scripters, 3D Modellers and 2D artists. If you’re a die-hard STALKER and want to contribute to the mod, please get in touch!

Work is slowly progressing on our source code changes under the hood of the game, thanks to our brilliant C++ wizards:
STALKER_2010 is currently working on various exciting changes/additions to the mod including deep changes to A-Life behaviour and hardcoding our new radiation system,
Spacebrain is working deep within the various game libraries such as xrCore to get as much optimisation out of the game as possible, to ensure you get the best performance on your PC when playing Wormwood!
Highflex is attempting to port the engine to x64 architecture, as well as improving the various tools of the game – particularly plugins for Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max. These will also be publicly released to the community as soon as they’re done.

The new Jupiter Factory Workshops

Recently I’ve been streaming Wormwood development live over on my Twitch channel – including working on UV mapping and texturing, then cluttering, the brand new interiors for the Jupiter Factory Workshops – some of which you can see in the screenshots dotted around this post The playable space in the building has increased by over 400%, and it should make for an excellent A-Life location.
Additionally, the brand new interior for one of the main apartment buildings in Pripyat was completed by modeller Theman! – the building in question is briedly used for the ‘One Shot’ mission, but now features five floors of fully explorable interior, including numerous apartments and smaller rooms. More info to come in a later status report and on ModDB, but rest assured there’ll be plenty to do in there!
Finally, I’ve been working on an entirely new interior for Yanov Station, along the lines of what we did for the Skadovsk. This should make the base feel much more believable. Again, more to come on the next status report. I’ve been streaming work on this one live too, so make sure you subscribe to my Twitch channel and participate in the design!

That’s mostly it for this month – things are slow right now as I said, but hopefully will pick up again in the near future. Stay tuned to ModDB and Twitch to stay totally up to date!


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