Wormwood Status Report – November 2015

by Alex on  November 30, 2015 |


Welcome to the second monthly Wormwood status report! This month has been quite productive despite several distractions from the mod for me personally, as well as most of the team still slowly working on their own stuff.

Storage – Pripyat Apartments


Fallout 4 came out this month, and I know I’ve been dutifully soaking up the atmosphere and gameplay of the Commonwealth for coming up on 60 hours this month! Fortunately I’ve managed to tear myself away for long enough this month to still make some good progress. Keep an eye out here and on my Twitter for more news regarding Fallout 4 and myself in the new year, once the G.E.C.K is released…

Additionally as I mentioned in my last blog post, I attended almost a week of my Army Reserve Ph1(B) course, unfortunately becoming injured before completion and having to return home – this obviously took a chunk of time out of the month.


November has seen the triumphant return of my good friend TonyStalker/TacticalNuclearSchnitzel – Tony worked on the mod a couple of years ago for a time, creating several of the very first of our brand-new building interiors, and it’s brilliant to have him back on the team again, working hard on even more exciting new spaces for players to explore.

This month has seen the creation of an expansive basement floor for one of the administration buildings in the Jupiter Plant complex, the commencement of a set of modular interiors for Pripyat apartment blocks, as well as the beginnings of our new Pripyat Sewer system.

Yanov Station’s new interior is continuing to come together, with many of the station’s residents moving to fancy new accommodation both above and below their previous digs…

More detail on all of these to come within the next month with the beginning of…

MOTY 2015

Mod of the Year 2015 should be commencing within the next week, so keep an eye on the blog, the ModDB page and my Twitter for loads of Wormwood news and media in December! We did really well last year, fingers crossed that with your support we can do even better this year!


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