Wormwood Status Report – March 2016

by Alex on  March 29, 2016 |

A bit more progress this month!

Scripting and Coding

Still very slow in this area, but Spacebrain is back from his month sabbatical hopefully raring and ready to go getting one of our new systems integrated into the engine, as well as fixing up some small bugs with other systems.

This month we released a video and article detailing Wormwood’s brand new stash system – have a watch of the video and give the article a read!

NPCs, Missions and Modelling

I crossed a few long-standing issues off the list this month, including finishing the new guards outside Yanov station (who happily patrol the new rooftop walkways and occupy the doorway checkpoints at each entrance) and adding a new character inside the station.

Additionally, I finished the mission to help Freedom re-establish a foothold in Zaton, which will have a large a-life impact on the level depending on how the player decides to act!

We have a couple of new helpers working on brand new custom meshes/textures for unique NPCs in the mod, so big thanks to Apone and Darkenneko!

We may have another couple of modellers joining us soon, so fingers crossed we’ll be able to show some of their work next month if things go to plan.


Etcetera has been working on names and descriptions for all the brand new suit upgrades we’re adding in the mod, and our new friend Kazeite is working on a new Zone Map to integrate all our levels into one sensible, high resolution map!

That’s about it for the month, hope you had a good Easter period, and see you in April!

4 comments on “Wormwood Status Report – March 2016”
  1. HD | | Reply

    Hi again,

    I was just wondering what assumptions you are making wrt to the source code release you’re using and its license? As far as I know it’s just an unofficial leak that has neither been endorsed nor condemned officially. So at some point in the future the rights holders may just come and take it all down, which is why I’m reluctant to develop on it as well. What are your thoughts?

    • Alex | | Reply

      Hi! Great point.

      Right now there are indeed no official license rules for the source. I’m working on getting official sanction to use the source for the mod, but GSC have always been happy for modders to use their assets as long as it’s not-for-profit.
      There are already several mods released that use the source code (and even that are actually standalone, meaning no game needs to be purchased at all…) so I don’t see a problem. That said, it is something I’m working on having officially approved.

      • HD | | Reply

        Thanks, that’s great to hear!

        • Alex | | Reply

          Sure! Would you be interested in joining the team and helping out with our source code edits? We’re in great need for more talent!


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