Wormwood Status Report – January 2015

by Alex on  January 30, 2016 |

Here we are again – welcome to the first Wormwood Status Report of 2016.

This month has been a largely mixed bag overall – we had some great news, but things are still very slow in a lot of areas due to lack of manpower and free time. Because of this, we’re still in real need of C++ programmers, Lua scripters and 3D modellers who have free time they can dedicate to the project. Please get in touch!

Scripting and Coding

I’m happy to say that another old-hand member of the Wormwood team, ThunderFreak, is going to be working on the project again. Having moved to Portugal a couple of years ago without his PC, he has now got the equipment to continue working on the Lua-scripting systems he began all that time ago. Nothing to report on progress yet due to lack of time, but fingers crossed February will be a productive month on the scripting side of things.

We’re also pleased to have Werejew, creator of the Call of Chernobyl: Warfare addon, working on our script systems as well. Again, no progress to report due to time commitment, but things are hopeful.

Missions, Modelling and Locations

My main focus this month has been on the Wormwood Prologue. We now have a fully functional set of storyline missions to see the player through the Great Swamps (with some really cool scripting!), and the beginnings of a bunch of new side-mission to introduce the mod’s new features. Expect to see new and old faces! Additionally, I’ve implemented a cool new area in Jupiter created by Etcetera, which I will leave as a surprise for you to find!

TonyStalker/TacticalNuclearSchnitzel is busy with exams and real-life work at the moment so little in the way of new modelling work has gone on this month – again, hoping February will bring more productivity in this area.

'Remnants of the Past'

Music and Sound

This month has also seen 0ktober working on another new track in the OST, this time Pripyat Night. This track is very creepy and will really make exploring the new, expanded city a bit scary!

That’s about it for January – once again, we really need more manpower in the scripting, coding and 3D art sectors, so please get in touch if you can help!

See you in February!


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