Wormwood Status Report – February 2016

by Alex on  March 2, 2016 |

February’s been a slow month in the world of Wormwood. Several team members out of action or very slow this month, combined with the arrival of XCOM 2 (and my subsequent heavy modding of it) has made for less progress than would be ideal this month. That said, here’s what we’ve been up to.

Scripting and Coding

ThunderFreak managed to get a feature working that’s been out of commission for a while – NPCs will now light campfires when they arrive at camps, and they will go out once they leave. This means that any lit campfires you see out on a raid will have, or have had recently, Stalkers nearby!

Unfortunately our other scripters/coders are out of communication right now, hopefully they’ll be back soon.

Missions, Modelling and Locations

Lintz has been working on a load of world models for brand new helmets and outfits we’re adding to the game. He also produced a bunch of world models for new key items that we’re using as well!

I added a new side mission to the game, focused on a character that was completely unexplained in the vanilla game – just a nice bit of fleshing out of the world!

Music and Sound

0ktober has been on a roll this month, creating two new tracks for the Wormwood OST – Jupiter Day, and X-12’s theme. Jupiter Day especially is one of the best ambient tracks I’ve ever heard, easily comparable to the great MoozE’s work on the SoC soundtrack. Thanks to him for his hard work this month!

That’s about it for February, see you again at the end of March for hopefully a bit more news!


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