Thirty Years

by Alex on  April 26, 2016 |

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Reactor 4 Sarcophagus

Thirty years ago today, the world experienced the greatest nuclear accident in mankind’s history – the meltdown and catastrophic explosion of the fourth reactor block at the V.I Lenin Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

In the following weeks and months, a countless quantity of radioactive fallout drifted across Europe as ‘liquidators’ battled to control the disaster at the plant and prevent a further explosion that would have decimated much of Ukraine and Belarus, leaving much of Europe uninhabitable for generations to come.

Today we give thanks and remember those who gave their lives in this duty – the fire-fighters, plant workers, military personnel, civilians, and more, who saved the world from a much worse disaster.
We remember those who built the sarcophagus around the destroyed reactor unit and cleared the radioactive debris from the plant, who buried entire villages to seal their radioactivity beneath the earth, and all those who worked tirelessly to help.
We also think of all those who have suffered ill-health, lost their homes, or even their lives due to the effects of the disaster itself.

We must remember that human beings are fallible creatures, and while nuclear power is a great benefit to mankind, we must not over-reach the bounds of nature too quickly, nor become complacent, lest we suffer the consequences.

Chernobyl – 26/04/1986


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