Redux Dev Log 29/07/2013

by Alex on  July 29, 2013 |

I’ve been finishing off the new, more authentic and accurate descriptions and names for ammunition boxes and magazines. It’s fun to look up the detailed history and characteristics of a particular calibre round, and then translate that into a fun and interesting description for the mod.


I’ve also been wrestling with our SVN repository for the mod – Panzerdraco has been super helpful and awfully kind hosting it for us, and it works fine most of the time, but recently it seems like it’s begun to die, so we’ve opened up a new repo and I’ve been uploading all the mod’s files to it over the last couple of days, at an agonisingly slow average of 30kb/s. On the bright side, I’ve slashed 1.4GB off the file size of the mod! So that’s nice.

I do miss University internet speeds though 🙁


On that topic, I’ll be heading back up to Hull on Wednesday to move things into my new house for next year, so I’ll be away from the desktop for a couple of days, meaning no dev logs till the end of the week, sorry! I’ll be coming back home after I move things in, and not actually moving in until the end of September.


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