Redux Dev Log 28/07/2013

by Alex on  July 28, 2013 |

Lots more transferring stuff over to articy:draft today, and some work on something I can’t really talk about yet, but let’s just say it involves consumable items!

I’ve also been talking to Kickasskyle about our ModDB page redesign, and we’ve come up with a really solid theme and I think that once we relaunch the page, you’ll definitely agree!

Work on assets is continuing, Stirls is constructing custom geometry from scratch, with custom textures, very exciting! We’re using some stuff from Metro: Last Light as references, as there are some really spectacular looking props in there!

That’s about it for today development-wise! Things are trundling along 🙂


I also finally tried out the new Tomb Raider yesterday, and it’s pretty good! I got it cheap in the Steam Sale and I’m happy I did – I don’t know if it’s worth full price for me! I’ve never been a big Tomb Raider fan, but this game is pretty cool, and the movement especially is very responsive and slick.


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