Redux Dev Log 25/07/2013

by Alex on  July 25, 2013 |

We’re making progress on new assets, as we’re either getting close to a solution in our texture-pathing problem, or we’re just going to say ‘screw it!’ and workaround it by having a texture subfolder for every new asset we make! It kills the part of my mind that deals with order and structure, but there we go.


I’ve been using the development software articy:draft to do some design work over the last few days since I purchased it, and have started transferring various sources of development info (like Google Docs, flowcharts etc) into this one program for ease of use. Unfortunately, unless you spend hundreds of pounds on a multi-user license and purchase a server license, it’s not possible to share what you’re working on with others. Kinda sucks, but I’m the one that needs this the most so everyone else will just have to make-do!


Etcetera.  has gone off on holiday or something strange like that for a month, so I’ve lost my best sounding-board for ideas, and a sensible head to tell me when things I want to do are dumb, which sucks! He also can’t work on outfit upgrades and stuff while he’s away, but hopefully he’s gathering inspiration and ideas while away – we all need a break sometimes!


Oh, and I bought Monaco the other day in the Steam Sale and managed to play it finally – it’s wonderful! Really lovely.

3 comments on “Redux Dev Log 25/07/2013”
  1. Riki | | Reply

    Nice little update 🙂

  2. gannebamm | | Reply

    Hi Alex!
    After spending a couple of weeks working with articy:draft, what are your thoughts about it? Maybe giving a blogpost about it? Would love that.
    btw. nice to see Redux is still en route – haven`t read anything about it for ages (which is totally my fault since I almost abondenend X-Ray)
    cheers gbamm

    • Alex | | Reply

      Oh hey man, long time no speak. Hope things are well with you! What are you working on these days now that you no longer grace us X-Ray users with your presence? That’s a good idea actually, I may well do that! Look out for a blog about it 🙂


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