Redux Dev Log 25/06/2013

by Alex on  June 25, 2013 |

I’ve been busy with other things for the last couple of days, and I’m currently bashing my head against a persistent problem with a new mission involving a military medic stranded in the Zone, who just won’t do what he’s told.


STALKER’s logic scripting is fairly intuitive and usually works, but right now something is going wrong when the soldier goes from ‘online’ (player is within 200 metres) to ‘offline’ (more resource-friendly lessened simulation), and he won’t move smart-terrains (where NPCs do jobs, like Skadovsk) when he’s offline.

I’m working on trying to get him moving, but I may have to resort to the old ‘let’s fast travel to Skadovsk together mkay) dialogue, which I’d rather not do.

Either way, it’ll be an interesting mission to do when you stumble across it.


We’re really going to try and make exploration super interesting in Redux 2.0, with random things you’ll stumble upon out in the world, or in one of the tons of new interior spaces we’re making.


By the way, the answer to ‘whose mission is Steady as she Goes?’ is Cardan!


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