Redux Dev Log 22/08/2013

by Alex on  August 22, 2013 |

Today’s been very productive – I’ve mainly been working on bringing back an old face to the Scientist’s Bunker in Jupiter, who also has a few brand new missions to hand out, involved with our new mutant looting system! Very exciting stuff!

I’ve also been working on new Redux achievements, although that requires a bit more scripting so it’s going to have go down in priority until we get all our new script system features in – the framework is there though!

I’ve updated some of our new missions in Zaton with brand new mission-icons created by Etcetera. – they’re awesome, as usual.

I’ve also been trying to create locked containers for certain stashes, and while I can get the keypad screen and functionality to appear, I can’t then cause the container to become unlocked on successful code entry… It’s a work in progress!


Overall, a productive day.


P.S. – If anyone knows why the hell the text randomly goes small like in the middle of this blog, as it has before, please let me know. It has no formatting, it’s just weird!


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