Redux Dev Log 13/12/13

by Alex on  December 13, 2013 |

Just a little sneak-peek today at one of the cool new ideas we’re going to be rolling out in the mod.

Can you notice what it is?


3 comments on “Redux Dev Log 13/12/13”
  1. gannebamm | | Reply

    would guess you will delete the blowout-safezone marks from the map and use this sprayed marks on gameobjects to visualize where a player can hide.
    what is the price?

  2. BigLACO | | Reply

    Hola amigo, dejame decirte que soy fan tuyo y admiro tu trabajo, cuando crees que estara listo el mod? 😀

    • Alex | | Reply

      Hello, and thank you! I’m afraid we have no ETA of the mod right now, but keep an eye out here and you’ll know as soon as we announce anything!


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