Redux Dev Log 13/08/2013

by Alex on  August 13, 2013 |

I’m heading up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival tomorrow, so there won’t be a dev log until probably the 17th – sorry!


Work is progressing nicely – ZombieDawgs has finished a new interior which I’ve completed a first clutter/decor pass on, as well as adding a small Stalker camp. No pictures this time, gotta keep some suspense!

He’s begun work on fleshing out a slightly bigger building with some really cool ideas behind it, as well as lots of exploration value!

More models are being churned out by Stirls, which is keeping him busy!

I’ve been working on adding new overnight camps to the world, starting with Zaton. So far I’ve made it so that Stalkers will camp overnight at the Shevchenko, instead of always going back to Skadovsk. I’ll be adding more! Any suggestions?

One comment on “Redux Dev Log 13/08/2013”
  1. Jon | | Reply

    I’ve always thought that the campfires in the Stalker series could be more, somehow. Stalkers camping dynamically is great, but what if it would also give some benefit to stay at campfires at night? Or to stay sleep with/near friendly/neutral Stalkers at night?

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to mod this, but having things like animals being unwilling to go near fires (but lurking on the edge of the light cone) or you regenerating stamina faster or something would be pretty cool and might create more of a sense of camraderie towards your NPC brethren.

    Or did you mean locations for overnight camps? ^^


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