Redux Dev Log 11/12/13

by Alex on  December 11, 2013 |

So, it’s been a while eh?

Life has been very busy right now, University coursework has been piling up that’s taken up much of my time, as well as some stuff in my personal life, which has combined to create very little in the way of modding time.

Thankfully, the coursework is now almost all over, Christmas is approaching and things are a little better.

Without any more excuses, here’s a little snippet of what we’ve been working on (slowly) recently, just to prove the mod isn’t dead and to get back into the dev-log way of life.

Sleeping Bag – Olive

Sleeping Bag – Red

Don’t you think it’s weird there’s no sleeping bags in the Zone? Everyone somehow manages to find the exact same mattresses and lugs them about everywhere. No more!

We have a couple more variations of the sleeping bag, but there have to be some surprises left to find…

Thanks to Stirls’ hard work, models like this are being churned out and put into the game by me.


Tune in tomorrow for (hopefully) another dev log, with an interesting new concept we’re experimenting with!

3 comments on “Redux Dev Log 11/12/13”
  1. Snork | | Reply

    Wao! it been a while,
    finally show some updates ,I know you’re busy in real life but anyway just don’t forget all the Stalkers are awaiting your excellent jobs done 😀

    • Alex | | Reply

      Thanks for the comment, don’t worry, we’ll get there eventually and it will be worth the wait!

      • Snork | | Reply

        Never mind,Real life is way more important then this,just take your time it okay 😀


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