Redux Dev Log 11/08/2013

by Alex on  August 11, 2013 |

So I’ve been continuing work on stashes since last time, meaning there’s not much more to talk about! We’re up to 54 brand new stash locations in Jupiter so far, and I’m not done yet!


In other news, thanks to the help of my good friend and fellow modder¬†Jamie1992/Steelhawk we’ve managed to start the process of giving new assets physics!

Not all our new assets will have physics, things like new furniture will be static geometry, but we have a lot of small new props like books, papers, binders, clipboards, junk etc that can now have fully physicalised models!
This is a great breakthrough for us, and we can also now start getting world-models done for all the new items we’re implementing in our new script features, as well as new food/drink items!

Exciting times!


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