Redux Dev Log 10/07/2013

by Alex on  July 10, 2013 |

So you may have seen my article over on the Redux ModDB page yesterday, explaining my thoughts behind deciding to temporarily hibernate the page.
Hopefully I got the point across there that this is in no way a problem, really the opposite, development is going great right now, and I’d rather you all experience things a little more freshly in the future  instead of weeks and weeks of more screenshots that take the novelty out of the new stuff we’re doing!

Hopefully this blog will be good enough until we re-launch the page, better than ever!


Today, Etcetera. and I have been discussing traders in the game, and lamenting some of the poor design decisions made in CoP, like taking out all the old levels and making the new ones all square boxes with safe hubs in the middle…

For Redux 2.0, we’re going to go through every trader and rebalance them again, as well as something bigger – reworking traders’ stocks based on certain actions the player has taken.

For instance, in vanilla, Owl will change his stock based on whether the player has a positive rep with Loners or Bandits, whether he’s sided with Sultan or Beard, whether he has the info about going to Pripyat, and whether he has the Wealthy achievement. That makes for sixteen different stocks by default!

We feel that these don’t entirely make sense, and that Owl should adjust his supplies available, as well as discounts, depending on what the player has done for him. So for example, tying this into his missions, and documents sold to him.


We think, by modifying these for all the different traders, this will increase the mod’s novelty and enjoyment as you now won’t know when their stocks will change (since their requirements are changing), their stocks themselves will be different, and there will be a lot more items to buy!


Finally, we’re adding new traders đŸ˜‰


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