Redux Dev Log 09/08/2013

by Alex on  August 9, 2013 |

So, I’ve been working on stashes.

Stashes in Redux 2.0 will predominantly bring back the SoC/CS style of stashes – that is, container-stashes.

Containers like chests, toolboxes, electrical boxes, crosses and pipes, etc, will make a triumphant return to CoP through Redux v2.0!

Just like in Clear Sky, you’ll be able to loot these container stashes from the start of the game, if you can find them.

However, many will be well hidden and without thorough exploration will be impossible to find, unless…

You can get the location off a dead Stalker!

Just like the previous games, stash locations can now be found on the bodies of NPCs, and all stashes now have a name and description, like the good old days!

Whether you get a stash location or not is dependent on the level you’re on, the NPC’s rank, his faction, and a random element.
This means, there are stashes you’ll only find the location of if you loot Duty members in Zaton, or perhaps a stash location held by a Master Freedomer in Jupiter.

If in doubt, loot everybody!

Anyway, I’ve made a collaborative Google-Docs spreadsheet for work with Etcetera and Paravin, and we’re making great progress on creating interesting, well balanced and fun stashes for you all to find.

Oh, and did I mention that every stash is going to be in a brand-new location? No use looking in the old vanilla stash locations, as there’ll be nothing there!

This is all part of the drive to make exploration a huge priority in v2.0.

Finally, there will be several ‘Redux Caches’ hidden extremely well on each level – these caches will be chock-full of awesome loot and a detailed backstory, and you won’t find their locations on NPCs!

4 comments on “Redux Dev Log 09/08/2013”
  1. Jon | | Reply

    Just dropping in to voice my support and giddy feeling at the return of these kinds of stashes! I thought there were too many instances of struggling to get to a remote place in CoP and then discovering there was basically nothing interesting there.

    Didn’t know much about this mod until recently and now I can’t wait for 2.0. Keep up the good work!

    • Alex | | Reply

      Thanks a lot! I’m really making a conscious effort to put stashes evenly across each level, in interesting places. We’re also expanding the world, and there’ll be stashes there too!

      Out of interest, how did you find out about the mod, and about this site?

      • Jon | | Reply

        Sounds good!

        Well, first I heard about the impending release of Misery 2.0 which made me dust off my copy of CoP. Misery was released and I was pretty disappointed that what had been advertised as a realism mod turned out to be basically designed to be frustrating and purposefully not realistic*. I searched for an alternative realism mod and found Redux on moddb, where this dev log was mentioned in the latest news post. So far I’ve been having a blast with Redux 1.05b, which is just full of delight. Things like the little notes/snippets on the various PDAs you loot off Stalkers are great and add a lot of atmosphere.

        Which coincidentally made me wish for a kind of side-mission, where you find rare and unique PDAs containing messages and clues which when gathered and combined reveal a story of tragedy and betrayal, ultimately leading you to some kind of super stash. Kind of like a treasure hunt, Stalker style.


        • Alex | | Reply

          Glad you’re enjoying v1.05b! If you like that, you’re going to be over the moon playing v2.0 😉
          Regarding your ‘wish’, we’re actually already planning something very similar 😉


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