Redux Dev Log 08/08/2013 + articy:draft mini-review

by Alex on  August 8, 2013 |

I’ve been working on fleshing out the Ranger Station some more, and things are going well there – some neat interior designs and cool ideas going in!

Relatedly, Stirls is continuing to churn out the great assets, so here’s another one for today!


Ammo boxes! We have multiple variants as usual, and loads of variations of the ammo tins themselves! These should help to liven up bases and the like.


articy:draft mini-review

So as requested by (ex)fellow Stalker-modder gannebamm, I thought I would do a little review on the design software articy:draft that I’ve been using for a couple of weeks, since I bought it in the Steam Summer Sale.

The version I’m using is articy:draft SE – SE being Steam Edition. As far as I know it’s largely the same as the usual software you get directly from them, but it auto-updates through Steam.

That said, there is now a version 2.0 of draft out, which adds several new features. There’s no Steam Edition for that so I just bought version 1.


Anyway, articy:draft is software for use by those in the business of designing and working on games.

The easy to use interface has a couple of main features, the first is in the creation of flow charts for use in any situation – from character dialogue, to story flow, to feature outlining, etc etc.

The versatility of flow charts makes this extremely useful, and while there are several free flow chart software packages out there (both online and offline), the draft version is very versatile and easy to use.

My main use of this feature is in the fleshing out of components of the mod that need working on, how close they are to completion, dependencies etc, as well as character dialogue!


The other main feature I use is the Location feature. This allows you to use any image as a background on a canvas (for instance a map of a level) and then to add to it directly with an overlay of tools such as ‘zones’ which you can define yourself, points of interest, and even paths for characters if you so desire -all of which can be linked to the flowcharts you make.


I’m not great at the whole review thing, and it’s difficult to get across how powerful and feature-rich the software is, so give it a Google and watch their feature videos! They explain the software better than I can.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the software, although I feel the price it retails at normally could be slightly too much if you’re not working on a full-blown game and can’t utilise their export-features fully, but I’m happy with the price I got it for!

2 comments on “Redux Dev Log 08/08/2013 + articy:draft mini-review”
  1. gannebamm | | Reply

    interessting read Alex. Are you able to export the written dialogs to a xml format which could be read (or easily and batched reformatted) by X-Rays dialog xml structure? It was a major PITA to write dialog without a proper tool and the SDK dialog toolset was never stable enough for me to use back in the days.
    OVerall articy:draft seems to be a very handy piece of software. I´ll keep an eye out for sales on it.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Alex | | Reply

      Possibly, but I haven’t tried it – I’ve had no problems with the Dialogue Editor in the SDK, and have has no need to try!
      It’s a cool piece of software, and like I said, could be worth a buy when it’s on sale!

      As a little follow up – articy:draft 2 SE is now available as a standalone or an upgrade on Steam, though the features definitely do not justify a same-price upgrade…


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