Redux Dev Log 04/08/2013

by Alex on  August 4, 2013 |

Wow, that Misery post has really boosted visits to the blog! Whether that’s because of Misery’s general all-conquering publicity or because people actually care about what I say, is up for debate!

Anyway, today I’ve been back to grindstone working on Redux!

Rikimaru has unfortunately had to hang up his metaphorical paintbrush due to real-life pressures, and his excellent quality UI work and inventory icon creation skills will be greatly missed by all of us. When v2.0 is out, a lot of what you’ll see is actually thanks to him, so we all owe him a great debt.

Luckily for us all, he managed to crack out a stellar last batch of icons, including new food items and mutant parts! The range of mutant parts you can loot in v2.0 has greatly expanded from the standard ‘one item per mutant’ we had in SoC, with each mutant having at least two unique parts to harvest, sometimes three!


Stirls has been continuously ferreting away at new assets, one of which I’d like to show today!



This is just one of the five different filing cabinet combinations, and one of the three standalone drawers that can go along with them.

You can see the three possible textures applied to each – all our new props use brand new custom textures (that are optimized for the mod of course).

This means there are 24 different versions of the filing cabinet and drawers in Redux v2.0!


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