‘Quantifying Immersion in 21st Century Virtual Reality’


As part of my bachelor’s degree at the University of Hull, I conducted a research project entitled ‘Quantifying Immersion in 21st Century Virtual Reality’.

The project was completed over a span of 28 weeks and tasks included;

– Initial subject research,

– Implementation of the Oculus Rift DK2 into an Unreal Engine 4 project,

– Creation of a virtual environment in Unreal Engine 4,

– Creation of blueprint scripting to conduct…

– Human participant testing in a closed environment under scientific conditions,

– Statistical data analysis,

– Writing several scientific-standard reports to display findings and conclusions of the project.
The project received a first-class mark.

The ‘final report’ of the project including its conclusions, is available to view in the embedded viewer below, or is available for direct viewing and download here.