Please find below a non-exhaustive list of only environment/level design-related work examples.
Non design-specific portfolio pieces can be found in the ‘portfolioMe’ category dropdown menu above.
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Beneath the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Vault-Tec constructed several of their ‘Societal Preservation Program’ Vault-Tec Vaults. One such vault – located to the south-west of the city of Boston, was designed to house and protect the families of personnel working at the nearby military installation Sentinel Site Presco […]

As part of the mod’s extended story (which you can read more about here), the player will deal with NPC characters both old and new to complete a brand new mission chain in the Great Swamps before continuing with the game’s ‘vanilla’ storyline.
In these screenshots you can see both the main friendly NPC camp &#82 […]

‘Fission Studios’ is a cross-discipline team and modding community I have formed in anticipation of the release of the Fallout 4 ‘G.E.C.K’ (SDK).
The release of the GECK will allow us to begin implementing numerous exciting ideas for innovative new content for the game, and is eagerly awaited by the team members.

The Luftahraan Lighthouse is an environment I created for the Luftahraan project, a custom region for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
The Lighthouse was to be the scene of an other-wordly quest whereby the interior of the structure appears pristine and inhabited on entry, but after the player returns from the roof and the light itself, find […]

This environment was created using assets from the ‘Infinity Blade’ asset release by Epic Games – in this case, the ‘Grasslands’.
Although created for mobile devices, these assets can still create original, good-looking environments in the right conditions!
The idea behind this environment was a secluded cave […]