HTC Vive Prototypes

Updated 28/04/16

Virtual Reality has been a real passion of mine since the dawn of 21st century consumer VR with the Oculus Rift DK1, so it’s very exciting to finally be able to quickly prototype games for use with the extremely powerful HTC Vive!

Since receiving my Vive, I’ve been tinkering in Unity with creating various prototypes and testing game ideas – you can find my work on this page.

Tower Defence VR:

This prototype is my most developed and most recent prototype – a VR take on the Tower Defence genre, currently featuring:

  • – Mobile UI (attached to Vive Controller).
  • – Tower creation.
  • – Enemy spawning.
  • – Unit/Tower selection.
  • – Towers attacking enemies.
  • – Locomotion through teleportation.

Please see this most recent demonstration video for an example of some of these features:

This prototype will be worked on further as soon as I’m back from British Army training on the 16th of May, to implement the following features and begin to flesh out the game-play:

  • – Multiple types of enemies and towers.
  • – Upgrading tower stats through a progression/currency system.
  • – Different level layouts.
  • – Player weapons (bow/arrrow, etc).
  • – Proper art and graphics-work.
  • – Multiplayer functionality (hopefully).
  • – Much more!