‘Make the EcoChoice!’

EcoChoice is an educational game for 9-13 year olds, created by a five-man team of Computer Science students at the University of Hull over several weeks, from concepting through to production, and publishing.

I pitched the basic premise of the game to the rest of the team before development began, and was chosen to lead the development process as Project Manager thanks to my previous experience in the role, and due to the game being my concept.

EcoChoice was created to a specification provided by the ‘client’, and designed to be extremely relatable to children in the target age-range in order to get across the environmental message.

EcoChoice takes the player through the average day of a child in the target age-range using a customisable avatar, allowing them to make environmentally-related choices when presented with everyday situations.

After each choice is made, relevant facts are shown to the player to put across the consequences of their choice in context. At the end of the game, the player’s choices are shown and they’re given an environmental-level to represent them.

I drew up budgets and time plans based on average developer salaries for the positions assigned to each team member, and development was finished under-budget and on-time.