•  by Alex on  August 11, 2013 |
    Exploration, Modelling, Redux, Stashes |

    So I’ve been continuing work on stashes since last time, meaning there’s not much more to talk about! We’re up to 54 brand new stash locations in Jupiter so far, and I’m not done yet!
    In other news, thanks to the help of my good friend and fellow modder¬†Jamie1992/Steelhawk we’ve managed to start the p […]

  •  by Alex on  August 9, 2013 |
    Exploration, Redux, Stashes |

    So, I’ve been working on stashes.
    Stashes in Redux 2.0 will predominantly bring back the SoC/CS style of stashes – that is, container-stashes.

    Containers like chests, toolboxes, electrical boxes, crosses and pipes, etc, will make a triumphant return to CoP through Redux v2.0!
    Just like in Clear Sky, you’ll be able to lo […]