•  by Alex on  July 23, 2013 |
    Games, Redux |

    Sorry about the recent lack of dev logs and blog posts, real-life has swept me off my feet over the last couple of weeks!
    Development is still progressing, we’ve been working on new clutter assets for interior spaces, such as stacks of paper, boxes, clipboards, paper binders, all sorts of cool stuff to add a bit more i […]

  •  by Alex on  July 10, 2013 |
    Redux |

    So you may have seen my article over on the Redux ModDB page yesterday, explaining my thoughts behind deciding to temporarily hibernate the page.
    Hopefully I got the point across there that this is in no way a problem, really the opposite, development is going great right now, and I’d rather you all experience things a little more f […]

  •  by Alex on  July 8, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Today I’ve been creating some new art assets for interior spaces, as the selection on offer from vanilla Call of Pripyat is very slim, making rooms look very similar.
    To combat this, I’ve been creating some new wall-mounted props with new textures!
    ‘Take care of birds’ – Thanks to Dave of www.grainedit […]

  •  by Alex on  July 7, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Today, we won Wimbledon!
    But apart from that, I’ve been working mainly on cluttering the new interiors of the Ranger Station, as seen in the latest Redux Image!
    Here’s another comparison shot:
    Freshly imported to the editor.
    Cluttered and In-Game:
    Yay, clutter!
    Other than this, we’ve been hard […]

  •  by Alex on  July 5, 2013 |
    Redux |

    So today, apart from just watching Andy Murray triumph in the Wimbledon semi-finals (proud to have Scottish heritage!), we’ve been working on UI adjustments and redesigns for a yet-unannounced feature, which has been exciting.
    I really enjoy iterating UI design with improved art, and our wonderful team artist Rikimaru has been doin […]

  •  by Alex on  July 4, 2013 |
    Redux |

    The first part of today was spent getting my working dev-version of the mod onto our team SVN repository – it’s been a while since I did it last and I’d been meaning to for days, but kept forgetting.
    Not hugely interesting, but important – backups are vital, people!
    The rest of the day has been spent mucking around […]

  •  by Alex on  July 3, 2013 |
    Redux |

    I’ve been working on another new mission, entitled ‘Degtyarev, P.I.’ – in it, the player gets to solve a little mystery!
    This is the first new mission I’ve made where I’ve had to work with getting Stalkers to do actual tasks, so it’s been a good learning experience.
    As always with X-Ray, it&#821 […]

  •  by Alex on  July 1, 2013 |
    Redux |

    The last few days have been spent mainly wrestling with errors and crashes, unfortunately.
    STALKER turns out to throw a hissy-fit if you leave an empty XML entry in a text file, crashing on launch and complaining about some totally irrelevant error that has nothing to do with the actual problem.
    Because of this, I had to go through every […]

  •  by Alex on  June 28, 2013 |
    Redux, University |

    So today I got the results of my first year at University, and I got an overall weighted average of 75.2% giving me a First for Year 1!
    First Year doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things as the mark doesn’t contribute to the overall degree mark, but it was important for me to show myself I was up to the challenge of Univ […]

  •  by Alex on  June 26, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Today I’ve been cluttering up some of the brand new interiors created by our newest modeller, Discartyptics.
    Here’s what one room looked like when he gave it to me:

    And here’s how it looks in-game now I’m done* with it:

    Click the images for full-size!
    Fleshing out these interior spaces is one of my favouri […]