•  by Alex on  March 29, 2016 |
    Modelling, Redux, Wormwood |

    A bit more progress this month!
    Scripting and Coding
    Still very slow in this area, but Spacebrain is back from his month sabbatical hopefully raring and ready to go getting one of our new systems integrated into the engine, as well as fixing up some small bugs with other systems.
    This month we released a video and article detailing Wormw […]

  •  by Alex on  January 27, 2015 |
    Redux, STALKER, Wormwood |

    Well, the waiting is over – we’ve finally announced the relaunch of Call of Pripyat: Redux!

    We chose Wormwood as the name of the mod for a number of reasons –

    It’s the translation of ‘Chernobyl’ (Chornobyl), it’s the name of the Red Forest, and it holds biblical/deep rooted connotations of pois […]

  •  by Alex on  December 24, 2014 |
    Games, Redux, STALKER, University |

    Well, it’s been a while (again).
    I had hoped to write more blog posts since my last one (also an apology for lack of posts), but, as ever, life is always getting in the way.
    2014’s been an extremely busy year – I’m in my final year at University, dissertation work (along with all my other assignments) is piling up, […]

  •  by Alex on  April 8, 2014 |
    Redux, STALKER, University |

    Sorry for the absolutely huge void between this and the last post, life has been extremely hectic recently.
    Right now I’m struggling under the weight of several hundred hours of coursework, and not a lot of time to do it in.
    After that come the Summer exams, then finally the bliss of Summer and nothing to do but modding and the like […]

  •  by Alex on  December 13, 2013 |
    Redux, STALKER |

    Just a little sneak-peek today at one of the cool new ideas we’re going to be rolling out in the mod.
    Can you notice what it is?

  •  by Alex on  December 12, 2013 |
    Redux, STALKER |

    A lot has changed within Redux with the jump from v1.0 to v2.0, and features have been announced, renounced and at times, the direction/focus of the mod has certainly seemed unclear.
    I chose the name Redux in homage to the mod for Shadow of Chernobyl that first introduced me to the world of game-realism and high difficulty, and when I fir […]

  •  by Alex on  December 11, 2013 |
    Modelling, Redux, STALKER |

    So, it’s been a while eh?
    Life has been very busy right now, University coursework has been piling up that’s taken up much of my time, as well as some stuff in my personal life, which has combined to create very little in the way of modding time.
    Thankfully, the coursework is now almost all over, Christmas is approaching and t […]

  •  by Alex on  August 25, 2013 |
    Interiors, Modelling, Redux |

    I’ve been working on a new part of our brand new level that’s just been finished by TonyStalker, and I’ve been beginning to flesh it out in the SDK.
    This part of the level is about the final 1/3 of the overall level, and definitely the most exciting. It’s one of those areas that’s going to make your jaw drop […]

  •  by Alex on  August 22, 2013 |
    Missions, Redux |

    Today’s been very productive – I’ve mainly been working on bringing back an old face to the Scientist’s Bunker in Jupiter, who also has a few brand new missions to hand out, involved with our new mutant looting system! Very exciting stuff!
    I’ve also been working on new Redux achievements, although that requir […]

  •  by Alex on  August 21, 2013 |
    Interiors, Missions, Modelling, Redux |

    I’ve been struggling with a bug relating to travelling between Zaton and Jupiter using the guide, causing a crash with a generic ‘pure virtual function call’ error.
    The bug is intermittent, meaning one new game you’ll get a perfect level transition between Zaton + Jupiter, and starting a new game and trying again m […]