British Army Reserve Training – Phase 1 (B)

by Alex on  November 7, 2015 |

In less than a week, I’ll be off to Army Training Centre (Pirbright) for the last part of my Army Reserve basic training course – Phase 1 (Bravo).

16 days away, with several multiple-day exercises in the field, learning foot drill, first aid, map-reading, fieldcraft, live firing, and more. I’ve already completed my 7-day Phase 1 (Alpha) course, so the basics just need to be built upon.

Obviously during the 16 days there’s very little free time (and any spare time I do get will likely be spent catching up on much-missed sleep), so there will be very little news or updates on Wormwood I’m afraid – but as soon as I’m back, I’ll be back to work! (Maybe after a day or two’s rest…)

Wish me luck!


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