Blogs, or the lack of Blogs

by Alex on  October 11, 2013 |

Sorry for the radio silence since I returned from Chernobyl – I’ve been getting back to University and the rhythm of life up North!

I haven’t been able to do any modding or in fact spend any real time on the PC at all in the last couple of weeks – hopefully this will change in the coming days, and work will resume on Redux very soon!

Don’t lose hope 😉


I’m also still working on getting all the Ukraine photos uploaded – if someone knows somewhere I can make an album for free, with 200+ photos (e.g. not Imgur) and in high-resolution, please let me know!


In other news, I’m heading back down South for a few days in the middle/end of next week for the IP Expo in London! Expect lots of tweets and a blog from down there about all the exciting tech stuff I stumble upon!


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