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  •  by Alex on   July 4, 2016 |
    Fallout, The Glowing Vault |

    Today I’m pleased to finally release my first mod for Fallout 4 – ‘The Glowing Vault’!
    The Vault was created for nVidia’s Fallout 4 Modding Contest, and released as an initial demonstration of the environment and atmosphere in preparation for the creation of a deep story, quest, NPCs, etc.
    The mod currently […]

  •  by Alex on   April 28, 2016 |
    British Army |

    Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Pirbright to start my sixteen-day British Army Reserve Phase 1 (Bravo) training course again!
    If you read the blog fairly regularly you’ll know I attempted the course back in November last year, but sustained an injury that meant I had to drop out – I’m now at 100% fighting fitness […]

  •  by Alex on   April 26, 2016 |
    Exclusion Zone |

    The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Reactor 4 Sarcophagus
    Thirty years ago today, the world experienced the greatest nuclear accident in mankind’s history – the meltdown and catastrophic explosion of the fourth reactor block at the V.I Lenin Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
    In the following weeks and months, a countless qu […]

  •  by Alex on   March 29, 2016 |
    Modelling, Redux, Wormwood |

    A bit more progress this month!
    Scripting and Coding
    Still very slow in this area, but Spacebrain is back from his month sabbatical hopefully raring and ready to go getting one of our new systems integrated into the engine, as well as fixing up some small bugs with other systems.
    This month we released a video and article detailing Wormw […]

  •  by Alex on   March 2, 2016 |
    A-Life, Missions, Modelling, Wormwood |

    February’s been a slow month in the world of Wormwood. Several team members out of action or very slow this month, combined with the arrival of XCOM 2 (and my subsequent heavy modding of it) has made for less progress than would be ideal this month. That said, here’s what we’ve been up to.

    Scripting and Coding
    ThunderFr […]

  •  by Alex on   February 15, 2016 |
    Games, XCOM 2 |

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock this month, you’ll know that XCOM 2 was released a little over a week ago!
    There are already 512 mods on the Steam Workshop for XCOM, three of which are mine!
    So far I’ve released:

    Custom Bandanas – Armour Colours/Pattern
    No AP Hacking
    Stun Lancer Rebalance

    I have just put o […]

  •  by Alex on   January 30, 2016 |
    Status Report, Wormwood |

    Here we are again – welcome to the first Wormwood Status Report of 2016.
    This month has been a largely mixed bag overall – we had some great news, but things are still very slow in a lot of areas due to lack of manpower and free time. Because of this, we’re still in real need of C++ programmers, Lua scripters and 3D mode […]

  •  by Alex on   January 4, 2016 |
    STALKER, Wormwood |

    Welcome to the final Wormwood Status Report of 2015, I hope you’ve had an excellent holiday season and I wish you all the best for 2016!
    This month has seen Wormwood’s participation in its second Mod of the Year event, and thanks to the brilliant community we’ve again ended up in the Top 100 mods of 2015. This year once […]

  •  by Alex on   December 1, 2015 |
    MOTY, STALKER, Wormwood |

    MOTY 2015

    Welcome to the latest Mod of the Year competition!
    Wormwood (competing as our pre-relaunch name, Call of Pripyat: Redux) took the competition by storm last year, sitting firmly within the Top 100 mods of 2014 and narrowly missing out on the coveted Top 5 Upcoming mods of the year.

    This year, we fully intend to give all […]

  •  by Alex on   November 30, 2015 |
    Interiors, Modelling, STALKER, Uncategorized, Wormwood |

    Welcome to the second monthly Wormwood status report! This month has been quite productive despite several distractions from the mod for me personally, as well as most of the team still slowly working on their own stuff.
    Storage – Pripyat Apartments
    Fallout 4 came out this month, and I know I’ve been duti […]

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