Redux Dev Log 23/07/2013

by Alex on  July 23, 2013 |

Sorry about the recent lack of dev logs and blog posts, real-life has swept me off my feet over the last couple of weeks!



Development is still progressing, we’ve been working on new clutter assets for interior spaces, such as stacks of paper, boxes, clipboards, paper binders, all sorts of cool stuff to add a bit more interest to the new interior spaces. Call of Pripyat was horrendously lacking in this department!

Unfortunately, we’ve been running into problems with the new assets as their texture paths keep resetting when exported to STALKER, which is obviously problematic. This is what you get when you work with X-Ray…


Thanks to the hideous heat here in the UK and my stifling room, development is quite slow on my end right now, so here’s hoping for cooler weather soon! (Never thought I’d say that…)


In other news, I’ve started playing the new Metro: Last Light DLC, the Faction Pack.

One mission has you play as a Reich Heavy, doing something on the front-lines against the Reds, but the framerate was so atrociously bad (even on my pretty damn capable PC) that I couldn’t play it.

Next up was playing as a Red Sniper, inflitrating a Reich-held station (which you may recognise from Metro 2033…), which was actually playable, and quite fun!


Finally, the crown jewel of this DLC, and personally worth the price on its own for me, is a mission that has you playing as a Polis Ranger Stalker!

From an outpost under a building next to the Lenin Library, you must raid the surface for relics of the old world, to bring back down to the Metro.
For every item you bring back, you earn pre-war rounds, which you need to spend on filters, ammunition and supplies to stay alive while raiding the surface. You can also purchase a hazard suit or heavy suit for dealing with ‘obstacles’ aboveground.

For me, this DLC is some of the best content we’ve had in the game series so far, and there are multiple little features that make it stand out:

Objects like filing cabinets, desks and cupboards are lootable for a handful of ammo.

Mutants can be looted for whatever objects (ammo, supplies) they’ve eaten, after you make them dead.

Light-bulbs need to be taken from the outpost and fitted into their sockets in the tunnels to light the area up, making it more homely!


Overall, the mission is extremely captivating and I find myself returning to it very often.

Highly recommended!


P.S. – Watch out for the librarians 😉

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  1. Riki | | Reply

    I bet this DLC sparked even more ideas for Redux.


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