April, 2016

  •  by Alex on  April 28, 2016 |
    British Army |

    Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to Pirbright to start my sixteen-day British Army Reserve Phase 1 (Bravo) training course again!
    If you read the blog fairly regularly you’ll know I attempted the course back in November last year, but sustained an injury that meant I had to drop out – I’m now at 100% fighting fitness […]

  •  by Alex on  April 26, 2016 |
    Exclusion Zone |

    The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Reactor 4 Sarcophagus
    Thirty years ago today, the world experienced the greatest nuclear accident in mankind’s history – the meltdown and catastrophic explosion of the fourth reactor block at the V.I Lenin Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
    In the following weeks and months, a countless qu […]