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by Alex on  December 24, 2014 |

Well, it’s been a while (again).

I had hoped to write more blog posts since my last one (also an apology for lack of posts), but, as ever, life is always getting in the way.

2014’s been an extremely busy year – I’m in my final year at University, dissertation work (along with all my other assignments) is piling up, but thankfully Christmas is providing a brief respite from the endless assault of deadlines.


At the beginning of December, Mod of the Year (MOTY) started as it does annually, over on ModDB. I’ve never attempted to enter Redux into the mix before, but with our relaunch on the near horizon I thought it might be worth a shot. If nothing else, we’d perhaps get the word out some more about the mod and relaunch – it couldn’t hurt right?

Well, the response to our first attempt at MOTY was incredible – with¬†Phase 1, we began releasing new media very frequently, which really hit home with the community – we managed to secure a place in the Top 100 mods of MOTY! Only thirty Upcoming mods are in the running for MOTY 2014, so it’s a great privilege. We never imagined we’d actually get through Phase 1!

The week following saw the commencement of Phase 2, where we stepped up our media game even further, really boosting community participation and getting some great comments and feedback. Please let me know what you thought of the last couple of weeks if you’ve been involved!

On the 27th of December we’ll see the results of the Community Choice Upcoming Mod of the Year – we have our fingers crossed that the amazing support we’ve seen over the duration of the voting will see us into the Top 10, which would be a great honour, but even if we don’t manage that it’s been a great experience, and a real joy to see the community enjoying the work we’ve been showing!


2015 will see the rebranding and relaunch of Redux, hopefully in January. The mod itself, we very much hope, will be released this coming year. We’re tremendously excited to show you more of what we’ve been working on, including our new name, branding, website and a few unannounced, very cool features.


Thanks for making 2014 a brilliant year, and here’s to 2015. Merry Christmas!


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