August, 2013

  •  by Alex on  August 4, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Wow, that Misery post has really boosted visits to the blog! Whether that’s because of Misery’s general all-conquering publicity or because people actually care about what I say, is up for debate!
    Anyway, today I’ve been back to grindstone working on Redux!
    Rikimaru has unfortunately had to hang up his metaphorical paint […]

  •  by Alex on  August 3, 2013 |

    So, I’ve been away for the last few days as I mentioned in my last blog post – I’ll be back with a Redux Dev Log tomorrow, but today I’ve got something a bit different.
    Tonight after I got home, I installed the latest version of Misery, version 2.0, for Call of Pripyat.
    Misery has had a huge amount of attention ove […]