July, 2013

  •  by Alex on  July 3, 2013 |
    Redux |

    I’ve been working on another new mission, entitled¬†‘Degtyarev, P.I.’¬†– in it, the player gets to solve a little mystery!
    This is the first new mission I’ve made where I’ve had to work with getting Stalkers to do actual tasks, so it’s been a good learning experience.
    As always with X-Ray, it&#821 […]

  •  by Alex on  July 1, 2013 |
    Redux |

    The last few days have been spent mainly wrestling with errors and crashes, unfortunately.
    STALKER turns out to throw a hissy-fit if you leave an empty XML entry in a text file, crashing on launch and complaining about some totally irrelevant error that has nothing to do with the actual problem.
    Because of this, I had to go through every […]