June, 2013

  •  by Alex on  June 28, 2013 |
    Redux, University |

    So today I got the results of my first year at University, and I got an overall weighted average of 75.2% giving me a First for Year 1!
    First Year doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things as the mark doesn’t contribute to the overall degree mark, but it was important for me to show myself I was up to the challenge of Univ […]

  •  by Alex on  June 26, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Today I’ve been cluttering up some of the brand new interiors created by our newest modeller, Discartyptics.
    Here’s what one room looked like when he gave it to me:

    And here’s how it looks in-game now I’m done* with it:

    Click the images for full-size!
    Fleshing out these interior spaces is one of my favouri […]

  •  by Alex on  June 25, 2013 |
    Redux |

    I’ve been busy with other things for the last couple of days, and I’m currently bashing my head against a persistent problem with a new mission involving a military medic stranded in the Zone, who just won’t do what he’s told.
    STALKER’s logic scripting is fairly intuitive and usually works, but right n […]

  •  by Alex on  June 22, 2013 |
    Redux |

    Today I’ve mainly been working on new missions!
    I completed another today, bringing our current total amount of new missions up to four, all completed in the last couple of days.
    It’s been a pain trying to figure out X-Ray’s finickity logic scripting issues, but now I’ve got these four down I’m really getting […]